Big changes are a-comin’ for Appalachian Coffee Company – we are moving to a new location! It has been our pleasure and privilege to serve all of our wonderful friends and neighbors at our Hendersonville location for the past 3 years, but this chapter is coming to an end. Our landlord has decided to use the property for other uses.

We just found out that we need to vacate our charming little historical building in the coming weeks. The property owner plans to demolish both the small building that we occupy and the large abandoned warehouse next door. They will build a strip mall in place of these buildings.

We are excited for the next chapter of our coffee adventure and are hard at work finalizing our long range plan. We believe we have an awesome plan but if you have any ideas on where we might land in the meantime to keep serving the community and allowing our team to keep their jobs, please pass the word along.

We will continue to update this blog and our social media as we progress through this transition. If you have not yet "liked" or "followed" us on Facebook and Instagram, please take the time to do so. That way we can be sure you remain abreast of this big changes.

Here’s what you can expect:
• We are a Hendersonville company, and we will re-open in Hendersonville.
• We don’t want to be closed any longer than you want us to be closed. We are working ‘round the clock to get settled into a new location. As soon as we get the greenlight from our new potential landlord, we will let you know.
• We will continue to serve coffee at our Church Street location up until the final hours, so keep coming by (and maybe get a bag of our beans to brew at home to get you through an outage period if it comes to that.)
• This relocation will not impact our Brevard location. Business will continue as usual in Brevard.
• We always have and always will love being part of your day. That will never change.