Update On Our Transition To 1314 Asheville Highway

Things are progressing quickly at our new location at 1314 Asheville Highway. We have set some important dates that we want you to be aware of:

Friday 11/17/17: The last day that we will have service as usual at 121 North Church Street, HVL. We will be open for our normal hours 6:30AM - 5:00PM.

Saturday 11/18/17 - Monday 11/20/17: We will be hard at work moving all of our equipment to the new location, hooking everything up, and preparing for our opening.

Tuesday 11/21/17 - Opening! We will have our first service at the new location during our usual hours 6:30AM - 5:00PM.

Wednesday 11/22/17 - Open from 6:30AM - 5:00PM

Thursday 11/23/17 - THANKSGIVING DAY - We will be CLOSED all day to allow our team to spend time being grateful for all the many blessings and abundances in our lives.

Friday 11/24/17 - CHRISTMAS TREE SALES BEGIN! We will be up and running as usual (plus selling Christmas trees until 12/24) from here on out!

The amount of support and encouragement that we have received over the last couple months has been incredible and moving. It has certainly been a very rocky road, but everything is coming together and we are so excited for the future. It is our dear customers with whom we love sharing both coffee and conversation and we sincerely hope that we will continue to see all of our beloved friends up the road on Tuesday the 21st!


We have finalized our lease agreement for our new Hendersonville location!

Address: 1314 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC.

We intend to be fully operational by November 1st. We have some minor construction work that needs to be done before we move our equipment so we will continue service at our Church St. location until our new building is fully ready for occupancy.

We really appreciate the tremendous outpouring of support from all of our dear friends and customers and we are so excited to share this happy news. Can't wait to host you at our new digs.

Oh, and don't worry. WE WILL STILL HAVE A DRIVE-THRU!

Stay tuned for updates, photos of our progress, and more news!

Link to the Hendersonville Times-News Article About the Demolition of our Building

This morning, the Hendersonville Times-News ran this great article by Staff Writer Andrew Mundhenk. The article, Historic Lampley Motors building approved for demolition, is a clear, well-researched, report of the situation regarding the demolition of the buildings located at 101 and 121 N. Church Street. We have linked to it here, for our friends, neighbors, and customers who do not subsribe to the paper.

Historic Lampley Motors building approved for demolition

Much thanks to the Hendersonville Times-News for the great journalism they provide our city.


Big changes are a-comin’ for Appalachian Coffee Company – we are moving to a new location! It has been our pleasure and privilege to serve all of our wonderful friends and neighbors at our Hendersonville location for the past 3 years, but this chapter is coming to an end. Our landlord has decided to use the property for other uses.

We just found out that we need to vacate our charming little historical building in the coming weeks. The property owner plans to demolish both the small building that we occupy and the large abandoned warehouse next door. They will build a strip mall in place of these buildings.

We are excited for the next chapter of our coffee adventure and are hard at work finalizing our long range plan. We believe we have an awesome plan but if you have any ideas on where we might land in the meantime to keep serving the community and allowing our team to keep their jobs, please pass the word along.

We will continue to update this blog and our social media as we progress through this transition. If you have not yet "liked" or "followed" us on Facebook and Instagram, please take the time to do so. That way we can be sure you remain abreast of this big changes.

Here’s what you can expect:
• We are a Hendersonville company, and we will re-open in Hendersonville.
• We don’t want to be closed any longer than you want us to be closed. We are working ‘round the clock to get settled into a new location. As soon as we get the greenlight from our new potential landlord, we will let you know.
• We will continue to serve coffee at our Church Street location up until the final hours, so keep coming by (and maybe get a bag of our beans to brew at home to get you through an outage period if it comes to that.)
• This relocation will not impact our Brevard location. Business will continue as usual in Brevard.
• We always have and always will love being part of your day. That will never change.

New Web Presence!

We are very excited to debut our new website. It has been a long time coming! There will be lots of good content, photos, news, events, and specials on the way that will be communicated through our new website. Be sure you also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram -- that way you'll be sure to never miss the exciting stuff going on at Appalachian Coffee.

We are so grateful to our loyal customers and friends who have supported us. Without you, this little business of ours would never be able to thrive.