Our mission is to provide great coffee as we care for people, creation, and community.


At Appalachian Coffee Company there is only one thing that we care about more than coffee: our friends and neighbors to whom we have honor to serve it. We believe that good cup of coffee is a whole lot more than just a hot drink to jump-start your day. It’s a daily ritual, it’s a place to tap into community, and it’s our chance to give a little joy to the people we encounter each day. That's how coffee allows us to do what we love: care for people, creation, and community.


Fair Trade Certified


We take seriously the idea of community and so we are very conscious of our international community that grows and supplies the raw coffee that we eventually serve to our dear customers. We are proud that every bean brewed at Appalachian Coffee Company is Fair Trade Certified. Unlike many coffee retailers, you can be confident that every coffee from Appalachian Coffee Co pays a fair wage to each person on the trail of our coffee - from farmer to barista. Our coffee is exchanged at a fair price at every step of its journey from seed to your cup so no one -- from farmer to exporter to roaster to executive to barista -- is exploited for their labor.

USDA Organic


We take seriously our responsibility to do business in ways that are healthy for the planet. Our coffee is USDA Certified Organic. Coffee as an organic ingredient is produced in accordance with the strict standards of the USDA. We pay top dollar for our beans so that we can rest easy in the knowledge that our coffee was cultivated in a manner that does not expose the plant, the soil in which it grows, the water that collects the run off, and the farmer who cultivates the plants to any toxic chemicals. That means the customer who drinks the coffee can rest easy in the knowledge that the only thing in their cup is the highest quality organic coffee and fresh filtered water. Rest easy once the caffeine wears off, that is!